The new, smarter way to run your high street business

It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified, common-sense approach to giving you the most all encompassing solution to running your high-street business.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you?

But you...

  • Have a great concept?
  • Have customers that love you?
  • Think you're a great operator?
  • Spend time controlling costs?
  • Have a great team?
  • Work 24/7
  • Miss out on family time
  • Stress a lot
  • End up making ends meet
  • Make less money than you'd like

If so...

We've built a smarter way to do things!


Maximised revenue

Have the right number of staff when trade is at its busiest


Lowest labour costs possible

Have the right number of staff when trade is quiet

money (1)

Increased profits

Impacting revenue, labour & wider costs - Stint is the most profitable way to run your high street business

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Great customer service

Being correctly staffed during your peaks means you'll provide the best service possible


Low employee turnover

Your team will be less stressed, meaning they'll stay for longer


Better team culture

No more fighting over rotas or hours - give your team what they want

Don't believe us?
Hear what our clients have to say

"Before Stint, we had two choices. Either overstaff all the way through the peaks, or understaff and deal with the pressure that comes with the peaks.

So when I heard about Stint and the ability to use quality students to work just for those peak hours combined with the ease to book Students, to me it was the best option."
Stephen Phillips
Operations Director, Busaba
“Our overall labour bill in terms of percentage and cash terms has reduced.

At the same time we have increased the customer satisfaction levels in our restaurant, increased the transaction rates and at the same time, reduced our labour figures.”

Jacob Sumner
Director of European Operations, Chipotle

We're confident that Stint will transform your business.