You're sitting at home or in the library when suddenly you get matched to an insane-looking Stint at a Michelin star restaurant. You've got your Stint Essential uniform with you, and you're ready to go. Suddenly you realise - your shirt looks like a wrinkly pug! You were so caught up in buying candles & kitchen utensils during your IKEA uni shop before freshers', you also don't have an iron at hand.

We've all been there - whether it's for your upcoming Stint or grad-scheme interview, there will inevitably be a time when you need to iron a shirt without an iron. Here are 8 ways to do so:

1. Steam it in the shower

This ones for all you multi-taskers out there - just hang it up as close to the shower-head as possible (without it getting soaked) & it all the creases should be gone by the time you've applied your conditioner. Just remember to keep all the windows and doors closed.

Score: 8/10

2. Use a hair dryer

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface & blow the hair dryer 3-5cm over the front and the back of the crinkles areas. It basically feels like ironing?

Score: 4/10

3. Use the steam from a pot or a kettle

Hold the shirt approximately 30cm above the kettle or boiled water in the pot, and watch the crinkles disappear! Just make sure to keep the distance to avoid burning your hand. We don't recommend asking the uni cafe for a cup of hot water for this one - but this one's your best bet if there's a kettle on your campus.

Score: 9/10

4. Use a damp towel

Place a damp towel on the shirt (make sure it's on a flat surface) and press down to remove the creases. Simple!

Score: 6/10

5. Use a hair straightener

This one's great for even if you have an iron (for those tricky parts like the collar). Make sure there's no products or hairs and use the lowest heat setting. Drag the shirt through, just watch out for the heat (the last thing you want is a wrinkle-free shirt with burn stains on it).

Score: 5.5/10

6. Throw it in the dryer

If you're lucky enough to have a dryer in your uni house, just splash your shirt with some water and pop it in for about 20-25 minutes. Even better if you throw in a couple of other items & an ice cube - these give off a steam effect when melting. Only downside of this one is if you're in halls it could cost a pound or two.

Score: 6.5/10

& finally, our favourite...

7. Make an iron out of a pot or pan

Simply boil some water in a pot or pan, wait for it to bubble before pouring it out (preferably somewhere safe like a sink!). Then, use the bottom of the pot as a makeshift iron - on a heat resistant surface e.g. a wooden chopping board. Bear Grylls would be proud.

Score: 10/10 (just for how inventive this is)

When you can iron a shirt in so many different ways, what's the point of even buying an iron?

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